MLB League Championship Series

Ahhhh, October Baseball! My three favorite baseball postseasons were 2003-2005, which coincidentally were my last three years of college. Postseason games have gone well into the night for a long time, so that’s nothing new. But being in college when you are staying up late and have no responsibilities the next day makes this the perfect time to watch every inning of every game. The setting for each year’s LCS matchups were perfect:

2003 – Red Sox/Yankees was not entirely overblown out of proportion and both teams had fun characters. Cubs/Marlins, to be perfectly frank, I hate the Cubs. Both series went seven, and saw teams blow 3-2 series leads. Watching Cubs fans cry was the greatest moment of my baseball life, up to that point in time.

2004 – Red Sox/Yankees was now entirely blown out of proportion however there was the whole Red Sox haven’t won in forever thing going on AND it was the greatest comeback in MLB history. Astros/Cardinals was a collection of future HOFers performing at their peak. Carlos Beltran’s run in the postseason was epic, but it wasn’t enough.

2005 – Astros/Cardinals rematch was not as epic, but still had all of the star power a playoff series should have. Angels/White Sox saw 4 straight complete games by White Sox pitching and a dropped third strike that changed the course of the entire playoffs.

There have been really good playoffs since, but these three years for me were special given my current lifestyle and desire to take it all in. Now, I really only care about favorites/dogs, run totals, and the first five innings, because I don’t have the energy or time to watch a four hour baseball game only to be followed by another four hour game. So this LCS, my strategy is to play the underdogs and get plus money whenever I can… except for both game ones, I’m parlaying Kershaw and Sale.

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