The Greatest Betting Market: Mountain West Football

The Mountain West Conference has been my favorite college football for quite some time now, and no, Boise State has nothing to do with it. While six of its members are hold overs from the former Western Athletic Conference (WAC), it is a true hodgepodge of South West, West Coast, and South Pacific schools who are typically very entertaining to watch. Currently the conference spans across eight states, and is always a late-night staple during the fall on my television. The schools might not be household names, but plenty of big time players from these schools have gone on to have successful NFL careers.

So why do I love the MW so much? For starters, no one talks about it, or at least no one where I reside in SEC country. There are few things I HATE more than hearing people droning on about sports, present company excluded, especially when it involves major conference college football teams winning against a Mid-Major or FCS school. This is why I love broadcasts that capture fans crying at college football stadiums when they can’t believe that their amazing team just lost to a bum ass team at the bottom of their conference standings. Everything I dislike about the NCAA and college football can be summed up by watching an SEC, ACC, BigTen, Big12, or PAC telecast. Not every play has to be sensationalized; analysts don’t have to tell me what a player is thinking; and I don’t care about personal hardships that were overcome. Remember, favorites were put on this earth to be upset.

Which leads me to my next point: Large Road Dogs. Each week the Mountain West has double digit underdogs who deliver. Since 2014, through week 6 of this season, Road Dogs of 21+ points covered 30 of 48 games by my unofficial count. This is a huge advantage to have over a sportsbook, if you’re into that sort of thing, while everyone else is wagering on their favorite major conference team. Those people you see crying at the end of the shocker, pun intended, can’t miss game, they didn’t bet on the big road dog in the Mountain West.

Finally, and maybe the most important reason to follow this football conference, it ends your Saturday on a high note! After losing half of your bankroll into bad games throughout the day, you can get a little bit back and go to bed feeling better about your day. Plus, it gives you a little boost and confidence going into the most important day of the week when you go to church when you continue your degenerate lifestyle betting on the NFL!

So whatever you decide to watch this weekend, make sure it’s something that you will enjoy. If you enjoy placing bad bets on your favorite teams and being aggravated watching the game, then by all means do that. I was going to try and end this on a high note with some words of wisdom, but who am I kidding, I’ll be miserable by the time the 1030PM Eastern Mountain West kickoff Saturday Night, praying for a miracle cover…

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