Saturday Pick 3: Week 12

Mexico in November is ideal. The sun is hot, the evenings are cool, and there are plenty of cigars to be smoked! The day of the wedding last weekend, the wife and I left the resort and ventured into Cancun to visit La Casa del Habano. Now I’ve been to Casa’s in Havana, so I was well aware that the prices would be at a premium in a tourist trap like Cancun. However, unlike in Havana, I was not limited to the amount of cash that I brought with me since I had the full purchasing power of plastic! I was basically a kid in a candy store pushing over the weaker kids in the candy store to get into the humidor. But this was a business trip, so I quickly composed myself and began the hunt. You see, I have a number of Habano boxes, so I was looking for a few specific cigars to try, and begin broadening my collection. Another “issue” I have with my collection is I don’t have the size variety that I would like to have, so staying away from Coronas and Robustos was also on my mind. Luckily for me, and I’m sure this was due to the location being in a tourist trap, the Casa had plenty of larger cigar sizes and a nice selection of aged cigars from 08-09 which I snatched. Now Cuban cigars produced from 2007-2012 are not considered to be the best quality, but being able to pick up a few sticks that someone has done all the work for is worth it as long as the price is right! I’ll begin the cigar reviews once the NFL season is over, I can’t believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away…

Utah State (-28) @ Colorado State

Has there been a bigger disappointment than the Colorado State Rams this year? Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have them pegged for 10 wins, but this has been a very rough go around for them, and it all began opening night when they got thumped by Hawaii. They never really seemed to recover from that loss and now host a Utah State team that just cracked the top 25 with their ninth straight win. The streak has been impressive too, scoring 42 points or more in eight of the nine wins and only allowing more than 28 points once. The Rams defense has been the exact opposite this season, so this one may get ugly quickly.

Play: Utah State -28

Wisconsin @ Purdue (-4)

Speaking of disappointments, this Wisconsin team may be one of the biggest power five disappointments this season, but it may be more of a ‘the rest of the conference got better’ story than anything else. The Week 3 loss to BYU wasn’t good, and the conference road games have been tough unlike past years. Which brings us to Purdue, whose three losses to open the season we disappointing considering the strides they took last year to get to 7 wins under their then first year head coach. But Brohm and the Boilermakers had turned this season around until last weeks tharashing at the hands of Minnesota. The Ohio State and Iowa games may have been their Christmas this season, so I will be shocked if they can find motivation against Wisconsin.

Play: Wisconsin +4

Arizona @ Washington State (-11)

Can Washington State avoid looking past Arizona a week before their matchup with their in State rivals? I keep coming back to that question and don’t have a answer. My best guess is that Coach Leach will try to put this game away early and quickly, to make sure they are prepared for next week, and to give the playoff committee something to think about on Tuesday.

Play: Washington State -11

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