NFL Power Rankings Week 15

So I know its kinda stupid to start doing Power Rankings Week 15 of the season, but I don’t really care! Since I didn’t start the site until October, roughly, I didn’t have much of a plan in place for anything, especially for what I wanted to do in a Sports Betting/NFL format. One thing I do know is that this format will change for the 2019 season, and I will even consider doing some MLB junk next summer, but for now let’s just get this started and I’ll worry about next season at a much later date.

Few things to note about my Power Rankings:

  1. These are a blend between some metrics that I create each week, which are more geared towards gambling, and Against The Spread (ATS) results.
  2. This is meant to give basic understanding of how teams match up in comparison to the line on the game, aka I don’t care about who is better because they are leading their division/going to the playoffs, I only care about determining who I can trust laying 7.5 points on any given day.
  3. Injuries are re-evaluated on a weekly basis, so teams can make large falls or gains in a week based on injuries.
Rank Team Thoughts
1 New Orleans Saints For most teams, covering an 8 point spread means 60 minutes of flawless football… 30 minutes of above average is good enough for the Saints
2 Chicago Bears Seeing a Defense dominate a team was a nice change of pace, but its hard to picture that happening @ NO or LA during the Divisional Round when the cold won’t be a factor
3 Los Angeles Rams Splitting back to back road games in December isn’t the end of the world, no matter how ugly they both (mostly the second one) looked
4 Kansas City Chiefs The Defense made some plays when they needed to (surprisingly), but why did they have to?
5 Los Angeles Chargers 14 point favorites playing against a backup QB and they never lead by more than 11. Style points don’t matter, but this team continually fails to impress
6 New England Patriots Leaving 7 to 11 points on the field (Missed FG, Missed XP, Sacked before Half, Kicking FG opposed to TD at the end) and losing on THAT play may have been the most Un-Belichick way to lose a game
7 Baltimore Ravens Proving that Ground and Pound can be successful in today’s game as long as you have a defense… but you can’t turn the ball over playing this way
8 Indianapolis Colts It’s not the same roster as the last few years, but this effort by the Colt’s D is not doing Chuck Pagano’s resume any favors
9 Dallas Cowboys Taking advantage of a bum division and peaking at the right time.
10 Pittsburgh Steelers Its only fitting to end the slide at home against the Patriots, because this is the NFL and just when you think a team is done they remember how to play again
11 Green Bay Packers Have a better shot at the 6th seed than 3 of the 4 teams ahead of them. Just imagine if they fired McCarthy earlier
12 Seattle Seahawks Playing better against good teams, unfortunately, I don’t know if the Vikings are considered a “good” team right now
13 Denver Broncos Welcome back Case Keenum! I knew that guy who beat the Chargers, Steelers, and Bengals wasn’t really him!
14 Minnesota Vikings COULD be a very dangerous Wild Card (See 2007 Giants), but I’ll put my money on an uneventful exit the first weekend in January
15 Houston Texans Looking back, it may have been the least impressive 9 game winning streak of all time when you take into account 1. the level of competition 2. The Colts handed them a game 3. The Alex Smith Injury in a 2 point game
16 Tennessee Titans Still waiting for some consistency…
17 Carolina Panthers Dumpster Fire, let it burn
18 Cleveland Browns Deciding to retain Hue Jackson was a HUGE mistake by this organization in the off season
19 New York Giants It took a while, and I know it was against the Skins, but this is the Pat Schurmur that the Giants thought they were getting. 2019 should be fun
20 Philadelphia Eagles Eventually the injuries will catch up, and shelving Wentz (assuming he’s done for the year) makes the last 3 weeks irrelevant
21 Jacksonville Jaguars Dumpster Fire, let it burn part II
22 Detroit Lions When can they get out of the Stafford Deal?
23 Atlanta Falcons Even without the injuries on Defense, would they really be that much better?
24 Miami Dolphins This ranking shows how good of a coach Adam Gase really is. They don’t grade well, and I can’t tell you anything this teams is really good at, but they play hard every week.
25 New York Jets “We got revenge against the Bills…”
26 San Francisco 49ers It seems like Kyle Shanahan can win some games with just about any bum QB, but it would be nice to see him with a real QB for a full season
27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers If Winston had to be restrained when they were up 14-3, can you imagine what it looked like in the locker room?
28 Buffalo Bills At least they’ve gone 4 straight games without being blown out!
29 Cincinnati Bengals Marvin Lewis can’t survive this one, but if he does would anyone be surprised?
30 Washington Redskins Colin Kaepernick is better for Football than Josh Johnson and/or Mark Sanchez
31 Oakland Raiders When can they get of of the Gruden deal?
32 Arizona Cardinals Even the team they beat twice is ahead of them… think about it