NFL Week 16 Power Rankings

Another week closer to the end, and I still have no idea who to is real and who is not. Which is why I watch!

Rank Team Thoughts
1 New Orleans Saints There are worse things than winning Divisional games on the road like that
2 Chicago Bears Ryan Pace probably would have given up four 1st Round Picks for Mack, and we would still be talking about how the Raiders lost the trade
3 Los Angeles Rams So is/was Cooper Kupp the carpet that really tied the room together?
4 Kansas City Chiefs Its going to be a quick playoff exit unless they can find some defense
5 New England Patriots The last time the Patriots lost back to back games and scored only 10 points in the second game, they followed it up by scoring 38, 38, 43, 38 and winning all four games
6 Baltimore Ravens Hosting the Buccs was a nice breather before another trip out west against the team with the best record in the conference
7 Los Angeles Chargers It was a nice win the way they were able to hang around, but the Chiefs out played them for most of the game
8 Indianapolis Colts Right when you want to call them Bum Slayers, they beat two teams that came in on nine and five game winning streaks
9 Pittsburgh Steelers It’s faint, but we’ve found a pulse!
10 Houston Texans Style points aren’t required, but that game was too close for comfort
11 Minnesota Vikings Kirk Cousins showing up after all of the important games are over
12 Seattle Seahawks There was just way too much love going around last week
13 Green Bay Packers Shutting down Rodgers seems logical, until you remember DeShone Kizer is next man up
14 Dallas Cowboys The NFC East is in fact this bad
15 Tennessee Titans Makes you wonder why Derrick Henry was not a bigger part of the offense early on
16 Denver Broncos Too bad they didn’t play the 49ers and Browns early in the season, and the Chiefs and Rams the last two weeks… Scheduling, am I right?
17 Carolina Panthers Shut… Cam… Down…
18 Philadelphia Eagles Throwing 50/50 balls to Alshon Jeffrey isn’t anything new, but if Carson Wentz would do it more he’d be as good as Nick Foles
19 Cleveland Browns This has a little bit of a 2012 Colts feel, where the old coordinator takes over as HC and they start winning, and who knows, the Cardinals may be looking for a new coach!
20 Atlanta Falcons At least they can still score 40 (against bad defenses)
21 Jacksonville Jaguars Just make it stop!
22 New York Giants Just when you think they are interested in playing football they get shut out at home
23 Detroit Lions I don’t see a need to take a 7 point lead in the 2nd quarter, but trying to get back the missed extra point when you only have five wins doesn’t seem like a terrible move
24 New York Jets 2 Missed XPs (which was the difference between covering and losing) and that Bum makes the Pro Bowl roster over Justin Tucker… ok, sure
25 San Francisco 49ers See Week 15 Rankings
26 Miami Dolphins Great way to follow up that win over the Patriots
27 Cincinnati Bengals You beat the Raiders… cool
28 Buffalo Bills Josh Allen is everything that QBs are not taught to be, and it’s a little refreshing
29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Burn… It… Down
30 Washington Redskins And they’re back in it!
31 Oakland Raiders If any team deserves to be Homeless, it’s the Raiders
32 Arizona Cardinals Would you trade Rosen and go after a QB with the first overall pick? I’m asking for a friend…

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