Bankroll Weekly Recap 4/7

This may be one of the last Sunday’s I’ll get to write from the porch for a while. As happy as I am to have baseball back, it typically marks the end of bearable outdoor weather in Florida and more importantly Sunday morning cigars on the porch. My project to enclose the porch, so it can be utilized during the summer months, probably won’t be complete until late in the Football season, meaning my cigar consumption this summer will slow to a crawl. However, today this is the perfect spot to handicap today’s games and analyze tomorrow’s NCAA Men’s Championship Game.

Overall, this week was a huge success, and since the start of the tournament I’ve been on a roll. This week I had a record of 35-17 with a gain of 54.49units. It’s one of the best weeks I’ve had in my ameratuer gambling career, and the probably the best in the last few years from a Units Gained standpoint. Over the last 30 Days I’ve gone 66-37 +92units, including 26-13 +53.33units in the NCAA Tournament. While I’m not saying the tournament is easy to bet on, it is nice to have games where everyone is dialed in and playing (in most cases) up to expectations.

Speaking of being dialed in, the same can be said for early season baseball. While early slumps do happen, everyone seems to be amped up in April before the nagging injuries and drain from the day to day grind starts to take a toll on players. I’ve taken a lot of pleasure in fading the Cubs, and am even more excited to have turned a profit with the strategy! In time, the markets will adjust, as will the hot and cold teams, which is why taking advantage of the favorable lines is so important early on.

Here are today’s plays for April 7th, good luck!