Bankroll Weekly Recap 5/26

For some pretty lame reasons, I only made it to one MLB game in 2018. I was too busy to catch a game while in Chicago, I didn’t make it to Houston for my annual baseball weekend, there wasn’t any October baseball in Dallas, Portland and Vegas (yet) don’t have major league teams, and despite living a mile away from Tropicana Field, the summer just got too busy. I did make it to a game at Coors Field, which was everything I dreamed it would be. Outdoor baseball in the summer with a city backdrop on one side and a mountainous landscape to the other side is pretty magical, and beats the fluorescent-lighting-in-the-closet vibe the Trop gives off. Hey, my dream was to live near a baseball stadium, not a really nice baseball stadium!

However, this week I made it to back to back Dodgers-Rays games on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Dodgers have always been my National League team because of all of the folklore that surrounds them; Jackie, Ebbets Field, Koufax, Vin, the Ravine, plus the fact that they are/were Captain America’s team! This current group of Dodgers is a lot of fun to watch too, so I wasn’t going to miss a chance to see them just because it was a Tuesday/Wednesday series. Most importantly though, being at a baseball game is an irreplicable experience, regardless of the uniforms, players, and stadium, and I realized before this season began that I needed more of it.

From a Units gained perspective, this was the best week I’ve had in a month. There was one more key number I hit this week as well, which I don’t put much stock it, but it felt good nonetheless. My Win Percentage this week was 63.3%, so it feels like this is turning in the right direction after a month of floundering. Now I don’t want to give all of the credit to the Dodgers, but if they hadn’t come to town, I probably wouldn’t have gone to Back to Back games in the middle of the week…

Enjoy Memorial Day weekend, and try to do something nice for a Veteran. Memorial Weekend was one of my favorite times growing up, not only because it marked the end of the school year, but because it also brought out the WWII Veterans at the Parades and Services. There are only a handful of these Veterans left, and as we embark on the 75th Anniversary of DDay next month, it is important to remember that these men actually stopped the world from going to hell. Baseball, long weekends, and the world that we know is possible because of them.

This week my record was 38-22 and the bankroll increased 17.56 Units. This brings the overall season record to 218-149 with 45.59 Units gained. You can follow my plays daily on The Action Network. Here are my plays for today, May 26: