Bankroll Weekly Recap 6/2

Variance isn’t for the faint of heart, and some days I wonder if I should consider myself in that category! Just about every night this week, the win projections were changing each half inning and swinging my projected results from gaining to losing 10 or more units at any given time. Making the week even more stomach turning was losing four straight 10 Unit plays, capped off by the Red Sox giving up five runs in the 9th Inning against an Indians team that doesn’t have a pulse! However, sticking with the process is key to catch the rebound in a league where even the worst teams win 30% of the time. Following up with four straight wins playing that strategy helped lessen the blow a little bit.

The week ahead is going to be a little tough and I may take a day or two off while making the trek to Normandy, but once in London I should be back at it. I’ve gone back and forth with the cigar I want to light up Thursday morning on Omaha Beach, because my first choice (CAO America Perfecto) is the last one I was able to get my hands on before they were discontinued in 2016. Just like 75 Years ago, the weather conditions are going to play a big part in the decision, only this decision allows for mistakes to be made.

This week finished up with a 31-17 record and a gain of 14.66 Units. These gains raised my overall record this baseball season to 249-166 (60%) and an increase of 60.25 Units. You can follow my plays everyday on The Action Network. Here are the plays for today, June 2nd: