Bankroll Weekly Recap 7/14

A nice little adjustment before the All Star Break really drove the increase this week. Now, my adjustments don’t change a relievers ability to do their job and preserve a lead, but someday I may get there. I kid! Relievers are as as important to society as kickers in football; absolutely worthless. I agree with the direction MLB is going with the deployment of pitchers, I just don’t think there are enough quality pitchers or managers to make the strategy work.

So we have now reached the longest two week stretch of the year that will feel like an eternity. The period of time between the start of the second half of the baseball season and training camp beginning is the most excruciating length of time I’ve ever experienced. Websites will be littered with headlines that read “most logical baseball trades that won’t happen” and “what first round draft pick won’t make the roster” or “which coach will get fired first”, because there just isn’t much to talk about. It will make you long for two weeks of Super Bowl coverage!

I finished this week with a 21-11 record and gained 34.5 Units. Overall this baseball season, I am 394-253 and have gained 72.25 Units. Follow my plays everyday via the Action Network App. My plays for today, Sunday the 14th (still waiting on a few lines to post so check back via the app to see if these are updated) are: