Bankroll Weekly Recap 7/28

July is ending with a Bang. This makes six straight profitable weeks and for the first time in a long time I don’t want the summer to end! The key to this run, and this season as a whole, has been my attention to the process. Right now I’m re-analyzing results on a weekly basis to identify opportunity and weaknesses of the system, and adjusting my play charts accordingly. This has helped reduce the amount of plays, while increasing profits, which makes me happy!

This is the first full baseball season I’ve wagered on in five years, and it’s no surprise that I’ve enjoyed this season more than the several. Winning is the key to enjoyment without a doubt. But winning is the result of hard work, which I’m thoroughly enjoying because I’m dialed in daily to the game. This connection may be the most important piece of the puzzle.

So regardless of my wishes of an endless summer, I have to face reality and continue working on college and pro football research. I think I have college just about completed, however, I do want to revisit it in a few weeks to check my work and possibly run a simulation on projected wins. My due date for the pros is August 29th, which will definitely include a projected win simulation, because I head to Vegas on the 30th to sign up for the SuperContest. This is the latest I’ve signed up, typically it’s early to mid August, but it will be a pit stop on the bigger vacation plans. More to come on that…

This week Saverio produced a record of 26-10 that gained 86.3 Units. Overall this season, Saverio is 455-281 (61.8%) and gained 254.1 Units. Follow my plays daily on the Action Network. Here are the plays for today, Sunday, July 28th: