Bankroll Weekly Recap 8/4

Well I can’t complain when I meet my goal of gaining 35 Units for the week. The very primitive math reasoning behind this number is; 5 Units/day, 35 Units/Week, 910 Units/regular season based on a 26 week season. For those of you like me too lazy to pull out a calculator, $10/Unit bettors would have a rerun of $9,100, $50/Unit returns $45,500, and $100/Unit returns $91,000. Now wherever you fall on that spectrum, that’s a nice goal to have for just betting on baseball!

However, after the gains I’ve made the last few weeks, this was a disappointment. It’s interesting that my down weeks seem to coincide with my travel, and this week was no different. I think it’s more of a coincidence than anything else, but nevertheless, I won’t be back on the road again until August 30th to examine further. The rest of August is simple: keep up this run with baseball, and continue to prepare for football, and smoke a few cigars when it’s not too hot!

This week I have a correction to make. Thursday’s Braves game was calculated as a postponed game instead of a Braves Win, so I’ve added the win and gain of 6.62 Units to my record. With the correction, I had a record of 24-13 and gained 34.95 Units bring my overall baseball season record up to 479-294 with a gain of 289.05 Units. You can follow my plays daily on the Action Network. My plays for today, Sunday, August 4th are: