Weekly Bankroll Recap 8/18

All streaks eventually come to an end, you just hope not as hard as this one… things started off poorly on Sunday, got worse Tuesday, and couldn’t find any relief (pun intended) until Saturday. By then, it was too little too late, and there was no way to reverse the damage, just manage it. Bull Markets rarely end with much warning, and the 5+ week baseball bull market ended just like that. After reviewing the week, I may have been able to save 20-25 Units, but I’m not going to dwell on that too much when Saverio was down as a whole.

This is what differentiates all other sports and football betting. Football is so concentrated to Saturday and/or Sunday, that one bad day could ruin your entire month. With the other major sports (I’m intentionally leaving soccer off my list of major sports, however it would fall into the football category), you get back at it the following day with a full slate of games and you (hopefully) rebound. It’s funny how approaching baseball wagering with a Money Ball philosophy has transformed my gambling this season, but I am certain it wouldn’t work in the football market.

With any luck, hopefully the bear market was short, and Saverio can get back to printing money the rest of the season. Saturday’s 4-0 day has me feeling better, but I’m still approaching this week with caution as you will see with all of the plays being 5 Units. On the bright side, at least this happened before Kickoff so we are reminded how difficult this gambling thing really is!

Last week, Saverio had a record of 18-18 and lost 83.94 Units dropping the Baseball season totals to 525-325 and a gain of 242.9 Units. You can follow my plays daily on the Action Network. Plays for today, Sunday, August 18 are: