Bankroll Weekly Recap 8/25

It’s here, we made it. It was only two games, but there was meaningful football last night. I will never enjoy watching college football, but it certainly was nice to have on in the background while watching Endgame for the 10th time… Feels like the wind was taken out of the baseball sails rather abruptly, and there’s no going back from here. Even this morning, … Continue reading Bankroll Weekly Recap 8/25

Bankroll Weekly Recap 8/4

Well I can’t complain when I meet my goal of gaining 35 Units for the week. The very primitive math reasoning behind this number is; 5 Units/day, 35 Units/Week, 910 Units/regular season based on a 26 week season. For those of you like me too lazy to pull out a calculator, $10/Unit bettors would have a rerun of $9,100, $50/Unit returns $45,500, and $100/Unit returns … Continue reading Bankroll Weekly Recap 8/4